Josh Radnor Announces Debut Double-Album, Shares “Red”

Singer-songwriter, actor, writer and director Josh Radnor has announced his double-album solo debut Eulogy: Volume I + II, with the first volume due out November 17. On Eulogy: Volume I, Radnor embarks on a cathartic journey – letting go of the past and honoring the complexities of the human experience. Along with the announcement, he has shared his new single “Red,” a rebellious ode to adolescence.

According to Radnor, “‘Red’ is based on a Robert Bly talk called ‘The Masculine Road’ where he says the three stages of a man’s development correspond to three colors: Red, White, and Black. The ‘Red’ phase is adolescence: hot, youthful, angry, lusty, rebellious, violent, fuck-you-mom-and-dad, go-it-alone individualism, etc. In writing this song I was channeling the rebellious adolescent I never truly let myself be.”

Produced and engineered by Radnor’s Nashville friends Jeremiah Dunlap, Cory Quintard, and Kyle Cox, Eulogy: Volume I exudes the unquestionable sturdiness of timeless, storytelling-driven Americana, boasting anthemic melodies laced with electronic elements and idiosyncratic twists. Many of the songs on the album serve as goodbyes of sorts: a letting go of people, places, emotions, and ideas. Spanning the spectrum of human emotion – from rage to joy, grief to hope – these tracks seem to speak to one another like bodies in a room, alternately concealing, revealing, or connecting various thematic threads.

Throughout Eulogy: Volume I, Radnor’s grounded and intimate songwriting style blends the timeless art of existential questioning with relatable, down-to-earth narratives, in the vein of acts like Nick Drake, Alexi Murdoch, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. Backed by sometimes rowdy, sometimes sparse instrumentation, there’s an alluring sense of vulnerability woven throughout the album, each track well-attuned to the emotion that sparked its creation.

In addition to the new album and single, Radnor also announced today a series of intimate show dates in New York City, Boston, Columbus, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Josh Radnor 2023 Tour Dates:

October 25 – Cambridge, MA – Club Passim 

November 10 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe 

November 16 – New York City, NY – Cafe Wha?

November 18 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy

December 13 – Washington, D.C. – Pearl Street

Photo Courtesy: Eli Greiss