Jon Reynolds & The Aches Share “Love Blind”

Jon Reynolds & The Aches have unveiled their latest single “Love Blind,” a track from their forthcoming EP Petrichor, due out September 4th.

“It was the first song I wrote after the pandemic shut everything down,” explains frontman Reynolds. “I was discovering how much I had compressed myself in order to maintain the work schedule I had volunteered for over the last two years. I was finding my voice again. I was connecting the artist back to the art. ‘Love Blind’ was born out of that reconnection. As I allowed my mind to rest, memory – and the emotion associated with that memory – came back to me. I was able to connect more personally to my own experiences which led to more granular lyrics. It’s not another heartbreak song. It is a commentary looking back on what the first heartbreak creates in a person and the undeniable truth that you are permanently changed after experiencing it,” he continues.

Miles Davis once said, “Sometimes it takes a long time to sound like yourself.” That concept has been a muse for Jon Reynolds since moving to Nashville in 2015. Following his well-received grass-root singles “Undertow” and “Tomorrow’s News,” Reynolds buckled up for a challenging year and a half. “Most of my song ideas came to me while driving in the car because it was the only time I had to think,” he explains. But over-extending himself forced him to be honest with his music. “I didn’t have time to self-sabotage.  I just wrote what came naturally.”  Rebalancing his life and signing with the UK’s Frictionless Music, Reynolds buried himself in the studio with engineer Owen Lewis and drummer Matt Singler, settling into the producer chair with a clear sense of purpose: sounding like himself. “I’d rewrite lyrics minutes before tracking, scrap a day of work because it didn’t hit the right vibe, and had to address some personal struggles all in the name of creating my most authentic expression.” Petrichor was born from this effort. “These songs preserved me while I was lost in a cycle of excessive work and distraction,” he explains. “They are the foundation that existed when I finally came back. Now, they are the representation of who I am.” The word “petrichor” refers to the smell of earth after rain breaks a long drought. Centered on revitalization themes, the EP’s tracks delve into depression, heartbreak, and self-discovery.  Surrounding the dense, humanistic lyrics is Reynolds’ musical signature – an evolution of modern pop-rock and larger-than-life vocal arrangements, resting on an ethereal hum propped up by verb-y slide guitar. Be sure to follow Jon Reynolds & The Aches via the links below to stay updated on the band’s latest news.