Jon Brion Shares New Single “I Believe She’s Lying”

Prolific artist, producer, and film composer Jon Brion’s lone 2001 album Meaningless will finally be available on vinyl + digitally for the first time ever on October 21 via Jealous Butcher Records.  The coveted collection is a master course in art rock songwriting and production, borrowing from Anglophile rock, the American songbook, and folk-rock jangle. Now, he has shared a new single “I Believe She’s Lying” a skittering indie rock instant classic, co-written with Aimee Mann.

Brion’s creative work has encompassed everything from film scores for movies like Lady Bird, Punch Drunk Love and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, to collaborations with musicians like Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Kanye West, Mac Miller and many more.The forthcoming 11-track collection — which includes co-writes with Aimee Mann, Grant Lee Philips and Jeff McGregor and a cover of Cheap Trick’s “Voices” — offers a vivid backdrop for Brion’s wry observations on love, reality, identity and the elusive nature of purpose. Though he hadn’t yet created his numerous acclaimed film scores, Meaningless suggests his future success as a movie music composer. Its widescreen quality is immediately apparent, the songs suggesting similar thematic territory to those great films.

For much of its life, Meaningless has been hard to get ahold of, having only been available on CD in very limited quantities directly from the artist. More than two decades later, this new edition from Jealous Butcher Records offers a chance to glimpse Brion as a one-of-a-kind pop auteur.