Jive Machine Shares Single “The People Mover”

Boasting elements of old-school funk, progressive rock, blues, and soul within their music, Jive Machine stretches the boundaries to the maximum. Another fantastic trait that the band incorporates is their homage to the artists before them while maintaining their walk towards that perfect blend of sound.

Santa Cruz, California ensemble has recently released its first single “The People Mover.” According to Colin Gailey, the track started with him riffing on the guitar during soundcheck. “I remember playing the riff a couple of years back and seeing an immediate reaction from people. Heads would bob, hips would sway, but it wasn’t a song yet.” Gailey recalls the moment it took hold was at a show as an impromptu jam. “We had just come to the end of our set, but the people wanted more. At that moment, we had already played all the songs we knew. In a flash of inspiration, bassist Luke DiSalvo said: “play that riff from soundcheck!” “I started the riff, the band kicked in with the groove, and we knew right away we had something special. From that point on, we called it “The People Mover” because every time we launched into it, the crowd would start grooving along within seconds.”