The Jesus Lizard to reunite for Day For Night Festival

The Jesus Lizard have have announced they will perform for the first time in eight years with an appearance during the Day For Night Festival happening in Houston, Texas, December 15 – 17.  More information on the festival is available here and tickets are here.
“Seminal” and “legendary” are two overused press release words we try to avoid.  But for the uninitiated and for those looking for easy answers, they both accurately describe the Jesus Lizard.  Since their inception in late-’80s Austin, the band has been an influence on countless rock bands that followed.   Their debut album Head was released in 1990 by Touch and Go and before they officially broke up in 1999 they had released five more LPs – the final being 1998’s Blue.  During that time they toured endlessly and released not only the critically acclaimed studio LPs but also assorted singles, EPs, compilations and a live album.
2008 saw the band regroup and the following year they toured the world with dates that included a slot at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK and New York.  The Jesus Lizard have not played together live since 2009.   The Jesus Lizard are David Yow (vox), Duane Denison (guitar), David Wm. Sims (bass) and Mac McNeilly (drums).