Jay-Way Shares New Track “Ice Cold”

IVAV Recording Artist Jay-Way’s summer continues to heat up, with a full-length album on the way and several new singles — including “Summertime,” his popular collaboration with Steven Malcolm and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg — showcasing his ever-evolving style. He cools things off while still maintaining his hot streak with “Ice Cold,” a new single about the toxic effects of infatuation and unrequited love.

“I would do anything to make her my own,” he sings during the song’s first verse, delivering the line with the melodic swagger of an R&B vocalist and the confident cadence of a rapper. As “Ice Cold” unfolds, we learn that Jay-Way’s feelings aren’t reciprocated. He doesn’t even stand a chance of winning his beloved’s affection, which heightens the song’s heartbroken punch.

“This song pulls out the sad boy in me,” Jay-Way says. “Rejection is never fun, but what’s even worse is feeling like you’re being held on a leash. I’m writing ‘Ice Cold’ from an obsessive point of view when in reality this girl hasn’t even acknowledged me. All of this is just a feeling in my mind.”

Written during a FaceTime session with Jay-Way’s longtime collaborator — Demi Kolenbrander, and co-producer James Washington — “Ice Cold” also marks a creative connection between Jay-Way and his international audience. “A fan of my music once sent loops to my mail and the melody was so addictive,” he remembers. “My producer cut them up and it became a sad boy anthem.”

Stay tuned for release dates and additional announcements regarding Jay-Way’s full-length follow-up to 2020s No, I’m Not Ok.