Jawbox Returns With ‘The Revisionist’ EP

In the last few years, Jawbox’s name has surfaced time and again since the group packed it all in, originally disbanding back in 1997. The band, J. Robbins, Bill Barbot, Kim Coletta, and Zach Barocas, left behind four proper studio albums, influencing an entirely new generation of groups in its wake. While it seemed the story of the band should have ended there, it didn’t. Back in 2009, Jawbox announced that the band would reform for a one-off performance on Jimmy Fallon. The show marked the reissue of the group’s 1994 album For Your Own Special Sweetheart and was their first performance since ’97.

2019 saw the actual reformation of the group, playing 12 shows during a summer tour. Fast-forward to 2021, Jawbox announced guitarist Bill Barbot was leaving the group, who was later replaced by Brooks Harlan of War On Women and has been a collaborator with J. Robbins.

The band recently announced its plans to release an EP reworking two songs from the band’s first record Grippe, “Consolation Prize” and “Grip.” The Revisionist EP (Dischord), also features the Wire cover of “Lowdown,” which falls right in line with the group’s aesthetic.