Jason Lytle Shares New Track "Color Of Dirt"

The name “Jason Lytle” is a staple within the indie rock community. In fact, it’s one that many have come to know outside of it as well. Fronting the great Grandaddy since 1992, imploding in 2006, then reconciling in 2012 but only releasing 2017’s Last Place as a band unit. Lytle himself has gone on to release at least five solo albums and just as many EPs, while also working with other artists producing and collaborating. Here, it’s a little bit of both.
He shares the new track “Color Of Dirt,” which is off the 3ingle split single with Little Wings, as well as the Kramies. Here Lytle takes an acoustic route on a piano while doing his laundry, his dryer obviously providing the offbeat at times. But his sweet tone could never be duplicated, with the fresh scent of melancholy permeating.  The physical release is set to drop this Friday 10/26/18.