Jalen Santoy Shares New Single “Dismissal”

Jalen Santoy, the Charlotte, NC-born and LA-based rapper, has released his new single “Dismissal.” Created during a collaborative session at Ventroom Recording Studio in Charlotte, NC with some of the city’s most talented artists, the track includes Roc Nation signee Reuben Vincent, wordsmith Erick Lottary, neo-soul crooner Cyanca and, on the hook, Well$. “‘Dismissal’ embodies the harsh reality we encounter when it’s time to part ways with something or someone we onced loved,” notes Santoy. “We’re reminded of the enjoyable moments, but accepting of a closed chapter.” “Dismissal” is out now via Repost, Soundcloud’s artist services division. 

Sheldon Jalen Santoy Gathers’ (P.K.A. Jalen Santoy) journey started at the age of 15 when he released his first record “God,” which caught the attention of rapper Big Pooh. As a result of their collaborative work, Jalen began receiving recognition from XXLThe Source and more early in his career. Fast forward to 2016, and the release of his Charlie Eastern EP. which dropped to critical acclaim and featured standout singles “Foreplay” — which has tallied over 151 million streams on Spotify to-date — and “Off the Glass.” 

Photo Courtesy: Nuku Muingbeh