Issue 27 is out! Lemuria, the Get Up Kids, Mogwai, Akron/Family and more!

My friends, it’s been a little while since you last saw some print action from us. But let me tell you: the wait is well worth it. David and the print crew have a metric crap ton of goodness to give you. Issue 27 (which you can order by clicking this link) is making its way onto a print stand near you, so get excited.
Lemuria is on the cover. If you’ve never heard of them, this will serve as an awesome introduction.
Other than that, we’ve got interviews with the Get Up Kids, Earth, Electric Wizard, Akron/Family, British Sea Power, Mogwai, the Twilight Singers and many, many more.
As usual, we sling some opinions on our favorite — and least favorite — new albums, movies, books, video games and various other sundries. What is a sundry? Order the new issue and you’ll find out.