Holy Sons Share 2 Tracks From New Double Album ‘Raw & Disfigured’

Ahead of the release of his new double album Raw & Disfigured on October 30th, Holy Sons (Emil Amos) has shared two new tracks from the record: “Slow To Run” featuring Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and “Cóiste Bodhar”. Where “Slow To Run” distills rippling kosmiche textures and southern gothic swagger into a concise pop structure, “Cóiste Bodhar” provides a more expansive and meditative counterpoint, Amos spinning smoldering guitars out into a shadowy desert-rock instrumental. Taken as a pair, the two tracks demonstrate the astounding breadth of sonic territory covered on Raw & Disfigured, highlighting Amos’ subtle yet potent songcraft. 

The music of Emil Amosis at once intimate and expansive. Under the name Holy Sons, as well as with bands Om, Grails, and Lilacs and Champagne, Amos harnesses boundless sonic textures to embellish delicately crafted songs. His music balances cues from classic and indie rock traditions with tenderness and a sense of foreboding through unparalleled artistry. Recorded at Sonic Youth’s studio Echo Canyon West, Raw and Disfigured stand as Amos’ most ambitious and comprehensive album yet, a panoramic gallery of songs as beautiful as they are crushing. Each track contains entire epochs, elegantly stretching the bounds of pop songs and proving the enduring power of the rock ballad without dwelling on the nostalgic tropes.