Holy Pinto Shares New Single “us, married”

Holy Pinto, the indie-pop group led by singer-songwriter Aymen Saleh has released a new single “us, married.”  The track was produced by Bartees Strange and is out now.  Synth and piano-led, the song accentuates Holy Pinto’s ability to craft a hook-filled indie-pop song that creates a broody, yet intimate soundscape.  Of working with him Strange shares, “Aymen is an interesting guy. His album was a gift to work on and spending time with him during the pandemic came at a time in my life where his music meant even more to me. Cheers to him, He went very deep on these sessions when he left my house – so even though I played a role in this song, any and all of the flowers belong to him.”  Saleh says, “‘us, married’ speaks to the pressure of the choices we make in how to live our lives, whilst watching others make them in real-time.”  Speaking of the video, which was written, directed and filmed by Moriah Bame and Sean McDowell, he notes, “the song contemplates marriage as a new dawn within life, hinting at a future with dulled freedom and excitement. Initially playing into this notion at the start of the video, we follow the older couple revealing that they can still rekindle the thrills of young love and  romance whilst expressing a sense of freedom, which adds a sweetness and alternate path to the song’s musings.”  

Holy Pinto was formed in Aymen Saleh’s hometown, Canterbury, England.  Influenced by a youthful raw, punk sound, the band sweetened their sound over time with the blend of colorful indie-pop and singer-songwriter stylings found on their 2019 album  Adult.

After falling in love with touring life in the United States – from a combination carefree independence and an array of serendipitous situations – Saleh relocated to Milwaukee, WI and penned Milwaukee, a short concept record about the city in spring of 2020.  The record received significant acclaim from local press, alongside national publications, including a spot on their coveted SXSW “Austin 100” list of hyped emerging artists.

Incorporating a wider array of instruments, sounds and styles influenced from his time during the pandemic contributing to other artists’ music – including pop, hip-hop, and afrobeat , “Us, Married” marks a new era for Holy Pinto, with a full-length to follow in 2023.

Photo Courtesy: Lily Shea