Herb Alpert Shares New Single “Here She Comes”

Few artists in the history of American music have been able to stay relevant decade after decade like Tijuana Brass titan Herb Alpert. The music icon, philanthropist, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee returns with his latest studio effort, Sunny Side Of The Street, on September 30th. Today, he shares the latest single from the album “Here She Comes.” “I wanted to do something sexy and upbeat,” notes Alpert of the song. “This track is vibrant, fun, and kind of has a bit of that happy TJB flavor.”

The prolific musician’s new set of 11 songs features six original compositions and was recorded with longtime collaborators Lani Hall, Jeff Lorber, Bill Cantos and more. In addition to “Here She Comes,” the album contains gentle ballads like “Childhood” and “Time After Time,” covers of classic songs like “I’ll Remember You” (of Kui Lee/Don Ho/Andy Williams/Elvis Presley fame), and his version of Louis Armstrong’s “On the Sunny Side Of The Street.” He also recently released his cover of Miriam Makeba’s “Pata Pata” noting, “I don’t try to make music for other people. If I can record something that makes me feel good and in the moment, then that’s a sign I’m doing something right. This recording gives me that feeling.”  

Fans can pre-order Sunny Side Of the Street here: https://found.ee/HerbAlpertSunny

Last year, Alpert released Catch The Wind, a collection of music recorded by Herb and his longtime partner and wife Lani Hall. Alpert and Hall have also been on an expansive 2022 tour throughout the US, Canada and the UK. For further information on Herb, the tour and new album, visit www.herbalpert.com.