Helado Negro shares “I Fell in Love (ft. Xenia Rubinos)

Adult Swim Singles have shared a new song from Helado Negro (the musician aka Roberto Carlos Lange) as the twenty-sixth entry in the 2019-2020 program. “‘I Fell In Love‘ is a song about love!” Roberto explains. “It’s about all the ways we feel and the complicated things we do to try to understand this feeling. It’s not simple – it’s too complex to ever say ‘love is like this.’ Movies and songs always get it wrong. Maybe we are wrong too but I know the love I have.” “I Fell in Love” follows Helado Negro’s wildly acclaimed 2019 album This is How You Smile and features vocals by his longtime collaborator Xenia Rubinos. “Xenia is family,” Roberto says. “From playing shows together to recording little ideas here and there. She is one of the few people I know who can create with such sincerity and calming power. We began having recording sessions last September, working out of Mirah and Todd’s studio where I recorded most of This Is How You Smile.