Harry Teardrop Shares New Single

Inspired by the “$2 Bill” concert that The Strokes played on MTV in 2002, Brooklyn’s Harry Teardrop has released a two-track single, entitled $2 Bill.   The double-flip single contains “Ryley” b/w “Above Or Below.”  The concept is intended to make a statement on the current economic downturns that the whole world is experiencing during the coronavirus era.  Harry notes, “When I was a kid, I face-planted into the cement and broke my tooth. The next day I woke up with a $2 bill under my pillow that went on to act as a celebration of my failure. This double-sided single, $2 Bill is a stamp in my life that reminds myself and the kids who support me that no matter how hard we fall, we get back up and life goes on.”  Working alongside his brother, Drake Li, Harry directed a video for both tracks on the $2 Bill

Harry Teardrop is the solo project of 20 year-old Chinese/Vietnamese-American artist Harrison Li. Born in China, raised between Portland and Orange County, and now based in NYC, Harry’s songs seek to bridge a gap between misunderstood teenagers, nostalgia-prone millennials, classic-rock loving adults, and everything in between. 

With infectious guitar riffs, a keen sense of pop songwriting, and rhythm sections that combine punk-inspired bass lines with a hybrid between live and programmed drums, Harry’s sound is decidedly unique and engaging.