Gunnar Shares “Cinnamon”

GUNNAR (aka Gunnar Gehl) releases his new single “Cinnamon.” 

“This song is really special to me because I think it encapsulates who I am as an artist musically today,” says Gehl. “I wrote this song about the complete and utter loss of control I had for myself over a girl. I was beyond addicted to her presence, even when it was killing me.”

Raised on a steady diet of country music, classic rock and 90’s alt, GUNNAR was heavily influenced by the music he heard as a child growing up in a surf community in California. With an early inclination towards performing, singing and playing guitar – he was plucked from obscurity and dropped in the major label pop machine as a teen. With the backing of his manager Scooter Braun, GUNNAR was always encouraged to follow his own artistic inclinations, but it took entering adulthood to cut out everything that felt untrue to him as an artist. The music he was making didn’t resonate with who he was as a person. 

The pandemic offered a valuable if painful opportunity for introspection and the ability to approach his songwriting with a new lens. After a few tunes under his belt, a chance run in with a mentor encouraged him to lean in even further to what he was making and GUNNAR’s new sound was born – a guitar heavy, slice of American rock n roll infused with all the swagger that put him on the map to begin with. 

Photo Courtesy: The Young Astronauts