Graf Orlock shares "600,000 Tons of Explosive Ordnance"

Approaching the February 5 release of its third album (and tenth release in total), Crime Traveler, Graf Orlock has unveiled new song “600,000 Tons of Explosive Ordnance” and has premiered it for the masses.

Crime Traveler is Graf Orlock’s crowning achievement to date, its most highly conceptual slab of low art, topping off a decade-plus career built entirely on such slabs. The album follows the story of a French-Canadian assassin who goes back in time to fix history in Canada’s favor, all set to the LA band’s disjointed, thrashing hardcore. Where past releases have mined Hollywood blockbusters for inspiration, Crime Traveler takes things one step further.  The music is a rapturous collision of Black Flag and Slayer.
Pre-order Crime Traveler here from the band’s own label, Vitriol Records: