Goon Announces New Album, Shares Lead Single “Angelnumber 1210”

Your favorite band’s favorite band, Goon just announced a new album today – Hour Of Green Evening is out July 15. Featuring synths by Spoon’s Alex Fischel, first single “Angelnumber 1210” is a dreamy dew-soaked track well complemented by the stunning video shot on 16mm film, directed by Katie Neuhof (illuminati hotties) and featuring Al Menne from Great Grandpa / Pickleboy.

Frontman Kenny Becker explains: “My wife has always had a fondness for the number 1210, we always notice it when it pops up, and she even has it tattooed. I love being open to patterns and numbers like that. I don’t really believe that numbers have inherent prophetic meanings, but I do think they’re interesting and powerful in a way that kinda suggests some order behind the chaos of everything.”

The evolution of Goon has come to full fruition on Hour of Green Evening. It’s the band’s most complete statement, engaging all aspects of their sound to stunning effect. The record conjures the nighttime suburban world of Becker’s youth, a mix of concrete and cookie-cutter homes with the lush beauty of California landscapes. The album’s world is populated by people dreaming, sleeping and waking, existing in that in-between space of the nighttime world. Plant references abound, from the “hydrangea lawns” of “Last Light On,” the “eucalyptus wall” of “Wavy Maze,” the oleander in the hypnotic “Lyra,” all swirling together in an endless suburban gloaming. 

It’s a record of melodic richness and finely textured production, slipping easily between heavy guitars and glimmering vocals, a fullness that comforts but never overwhelms. The songs have a melancholy to them, but they never succumb to hopelessness, knowing at the heart of the darkest night there is still light, goodness, and maybe even someone else there to help you wander through. 

Photo Courtesy: Josh Beavers