Ghost of Vroom Share Stellar First Single Off New Album

Veteran singer-songwriter Mike Doughty has announced his new band Ghost of Vroom with bassist and longtime collaborator Andrew “Scrap” Livingston, releasing their debut Ghost of Vroom 2 EP September 25 on Mod y Vi Records. Possessing a sense of urgency streaked through every one of his lyrics, as well as a dynamic, genre-blending approach to songcraft, the new collection is a formidable introduction to the latest era in the former Soul Coughing frontman’s fascinating career. The band has just dropped the first single off of the anticipated album  “Rona Pollona”.

Originally intending to reunite Soul Coughing, Doughty instead decided to create something new—albeit also lovingly tied to the past: Ghost of Vroom is a reference to a once-planned companion piece to Soul Coughing’s 1994 classic Ruby Vroom. “It’s this ghostly version of Soul Coughing—this step that was never taken,” Doughty states. “That idea stepped out of my consciousness and said, ‘This is where you’re at.'” Despite these callbacks to the past, Ghost of Vroom 2 is entirely in-the-moment when it comes to its genesis and subject matter. Along with Livingston, legendary Beastie Boys collaborator Mario Caldato Jr. worked with the band to achieve their beat-driven, hip-hop-influenced sound: “I was quaking in my shoes working with that guy, because I’m such a fan. He’s incredible at this sound we were making—the best in the business.”