Gareth Donkin Shares New Single “Whenever”

London-based singer-songwriter and producer Gareth Donkin has shared his new single “Whenever” via drink sum wtr, a new label formed by A&R Nigil Mack, in partnership with Secretly Group, as a part of the newly minted All Flowers Group. Arriving with a dreamy music video, the buoyant song mines the era of ‘70s yacht soul for inspiration and finds Donkin reveling in new love with unwavering commitment. 

“Pulled from the memories of a previous relationship, ‘Whenever’ centers on a first date and the first feelings of a blossoming romance,” says Donkin. “From having a dinner date by the lake, to meeting in real life for the first time in over a month, after navigating a strenuous long-distance relationship, this song is about being present and there for your significant other no matter what.”

Born with perfect pitch, Gareth Donkin was already fanatically obsessed with both jazz piano and drums before he turned 12. In high school, he began DJing and teaching himself to record and sample. By the time he headed to the Leeds College of Music to pursue a degree in production, he was already writing and recording his own material at home. For insight into Donkin’s inspirational palette, fans can check out his hand-curated “lifted” Spotify playlist, which features eclectic musical references such as The Isley Brothers, Bill Withers, Genesis, Erykah Badu, Pharoah Sanders, TOTO, and more.

Donkin’s first single, “Catharsis,” racked up more than 1,000,000 streams to date on Spotify, and a series of subsequent releases found similarly organic success. In March, he released “GEEK OUT!” featuring quickly, quickly and The Breathing Experiment, which was added to Apple Music’s Vibes and Jazz Soul Cafe playlists, as well as Spotify’s Fresh Finds R&B, Soul Lounge and Poolside Grooves playlists.

Photo Courtesy: John Liwag