Ganser Shares “Bad Form (Sad13 Remix)”

In 2020 Chicago’s Ganser released the astounding Just Look At That Sky (Felte). Simply put, it was a post-punk masterpiece. 9 tracks scattered throughout the release are riveting and challenge the senses, sometimes speckled in keyboard washes and at other times with clashing guitars and feedback. The band revisits the album with a remix of “Bad Form” as  Sadie Dupuis – also known as Sad13 – remixes the track into something much, much different.

“I met Ganser on Twitter after we both told Rachel Aggs to check out Backxwash, and immediately became obsessed with their single “Bad Form.” Working on its remix I had in mind techniques from Backxwash and Shopping both—dark, blown-out drums and drones, and up-front guitar riffs that establish mesmerizing rhythm. Unpacking the song’s original stems kept inspiring more paths and layers and sounds and melodies. I don’t think any project has crashed my computer as frequently as this remix, but I had so much fun reinterpreting one of my favorite songs from a favorite album from Hell Year.“ – Sadie Dupuis (Sad13)

“‘Bad Form’ was written at a hectic moment between recording sessions for ‘Just Look At That Sky.’ There was little sleep and even less time. The overwhelming feeling of “not enough” loomed over everything, making the already lofty task of creating an album feel even more ridiculous. Collaboration really brought this particular song together, so I’m excited to have been able to continue that thread with Sad13’s remix. I’ve always felt a great respect for Sadie and her layers of self-expression in everything she puts out. It’s great to see our song continue to evolve through the filter of such a multi-talented artist.” – Nadia Garofalo (Ganser)