Future Sounds: 8-31-16

Welcome to Future Sounds! Every Wednesday Ghettoblaster brings you a handful of singles from upcoming albums to excite and entice your ears. Below you’ll find songs that really stand out as essential listening. So please sit back, relax and treat yourself to some seriously great music.

Microwave – Vomit (SideOneDummy Records)

Recently named Band To Watch by Stereogum, Georgia-based post-hardcore band Microwave have announced their sophomore album, Much Love, out Sept. 30 on SideOneDummy, and they’ve shared this powerful new song and video. This song captures the moment when the party becomes the problem. Frontman Nathan Hardy grew up Mormon and left the church for the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle. On this song he describing a scene, “I hear you down the hallway there puking, I hear your pompous college friends they’re puking outside.”  Shaken by the actions of his party companions he begins to question the meaning of what they’re doing. the first half of the song is gentle and the second half furious, repeating the chorus, “there’s no such thing as love, we just felt vulnerable without a god, without a crutch.” Hardy taps into a truth about how people uses relationships or substances or religion to conquer whatever issues they’re facing. He has this to say about it, “Pretty much anything that people get really passionate about and use to attach meaning to their life is contrived and isn’t inherently meaningful.” This song is a slice of sweet angst and cynicism, paired with insightful examinations of human behavior.

Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums (feat. Assassin)  – Mutant Brain 

Director Spike Jonze made a stir yesterday with his music video/perfume ad for Kenzo World, in which actress Margaret Qualley leaves some stuffy event to run around busting out eratic, primal dance moves. Not only is the video visually stunning, but it features this frenetic track produced by Ape Drums and Spike’s brother Sam Spiegel, featuring dancehall musician Assassin providing wild shouts and screams, perfectly complimenting Margaret’s dancing. This is clearly a nod to Jonze’s Fatboy Slim video where Christopher Walken was the dancing star. This song is super driving and catchy with the obligatory EDM drop, yet it’s a totally fresh and unique song. They couldn’t have asked for a sweeter music video.

Sleigh Bells – It’s Just Us Now (Torn Clean)

Sleigh Bell’s debut album, Treats, shocked the music world, mixing Derek Miller’s punk and metal riffs with Alexis Krauss’ pop sensibilities. I had high hopes for the albums that followed, but was a little disappointed. While is seemed they had exhausted their signature sound, it seems this is not the case with the recent string of singles off their upcoming fourth album, Jessica Rabbit, out Nov. 11 on their own Torn Clean label. Krauss’ lyrics seem more developed, her hooks are super catchy, and Derek’s “True Shred Guitar” is forceful yet melodic. Judging by this track the dynamic duo won’t let us down this November, and maybe their noise-pop rage can help us release some election-fueled fury.

Lambchop – The Hustle (Merge Records/City Slang)

Got 18 minutes to spare? If not, clear your schedule this ones worth it. The lead single and closing track (weird right?) of Lambchop’s new album FLOTUS, out Nov. 4 from Merge/City Slang, is a subtle, yet epic musical  journey, akin to Lou Reed’s Street Hassle. For more than 20 years Nashville’s Lambchop has made some great country-rock albums, yet they’ve made a startling departure for their new album. There is no trace of the band’s country roots, instead they implement electronic elements to make a rich tapestry of sound. This song is guided by a repetitive, pulsing beat and a smattering of instruments making brief appearances. Kurt Wagner’s haunting baritone, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, only occupies a small portion of the song, yet he tells a sweet, sad love story. The album name stands for For Love Often Turns Us Still,  and that is the case on this track. This is a truly beautiful song and this album will no doubt be one of Lambchop’s finest.