Future Sounds: 7-27-16

Welcome to Future Sounds! Every Wednesday Ghettoblaster brings you a handful of singles from upcoming albums to excite and entice your ears. Below you’ll find songs that really stand out as essential listening. So please sit back, relax and treat yourself to some seriously great music.

Mass Gothic – “A Run”

Mass Gothic, the duo of Hooray for Earth’s Noel Heroux and Zambri’s Jessica Zambri, have already released a stellar self-titled debut album this year on Sub Pop. They are back with a new EP titled Sup Goth on 8/5 via Sub Pop again.  “A Run” is the lead single from the EP and finds Mass Gothic branching out in new directions.  The song sounds like an awesome mixture between Animal Collective at their poppiest and Suicide at their darkest.  Heavy synths mix with fractured drums and a very Panda Bear-esque vocal performance.  “A Run” is gloomy and aggressive, yet soft and incredibly catchy.  It is a very dense track, revealing more of itself on each successive listen.  Mass Gothic seem to be really coming into their own and carving out a distinctive sound, which is really exciting for the rest of us.

Space Mountain – “Never Lonely” feat. Ava Trilling

Cole Kinsler records singer-songwriter music under the name Space Mountain and has been consistently putting out new music since 2013. “Never Lonely” is the first taste we are getting from his next full length album, Big Sky, which comes out 8/26 on Dust Etc.  Ava Trilling, from the band Forth Wanderers, takes over the lead vocal throughout the song, which tells the story of a lonely housewife as she waits around for her husband to return.  It’s a bit gloomy, but the somewhat country inspired music helps it not to be a total bummer.  Kinsler shows up towards the end of his song with his signature deep, deadpan vocals adding even more depth to the song.  Kinsler is somewhat reminiscent of Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields with a hint of Stephen Malkmus as well.  It’s a really solid single, which inspires excitement for the upcoming album.

Kaye – “UUU”

Charlene Kaye is a singer-songwriter known primarily for being the frontwoman of San Fermin. Her alter-ego Kaye finds her in much different sonic territory, which is hugely rewarding for the listeners based on her fantastic new single “UUU.”  This single is the first off of her upcoming EP titled Honey, which is coming out on 8/19.  She describes writing this song as a genre experiment, saying: “When I wrote UUU I was listening to a lot of 90s R&B … That summer, ‘Call Me Maybe’ was on rotation constantly and I was obsessed with it.”  Kaye wanted to see if she could create a similar sound, and she has largely succeeded with “UUU.”  This is a straight up awesome pop song with classic structure, great music and a wonderful vocal performance.  Plus there’s a guitar solo!  Press play and crank this one up.

ESP Ohio – “Royal Cyclopean”
Guided By Voices nation received great news, which came two-fold. First of all, Doug Gillard is rejoining Guided By Voices, and secondly, him and Robert Pollard have started making music under the name ESP Ohio as well.  The first taste of this new project is the single “Royal Cyclopean,” which is coming out as a single on 10/21 on Rockathon Records.  It’s a great song with fantastic sounding electric guitar, some triumphant horns and strange poetic lyrics sung to perfection in that distinctive Robert Pollard.  It blazes along at only two and a half minutes and ends abruptly, leaving the listener wanting more.  Sound familiar?  If you are a fan of Guided By Voices then this song will definitely be right up your alley, and if you haven’t been initiated yet, this is a great jumping off point to show what makes the Gillard-Pollard combination so noteworthy.