Flyte Shares New Single “I’ve Got A Girl”

UK’s Flyte shares new single, “I’ve Got A Girl,” another peek behind the veil of Flyte’s next big body of work. Recorded in LA with a dream team of collaborators from producers Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Ariel Pink), Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Bon Iver) to mixing engineer Ali Chant (Aldous Harding), first releases “Easy Tiger” and “Losing You” were an introduction to a remarkably poignant breakup record, with romance at the heart. “I’ve Got A Girl” depicts the eroding of a different kind of relationship; portraying an all too familiar break up with a creative partner, friend, or band member.

“Where all the other tracks on this record are about a romantic relationship coming to an end, this covers the loss of a creative one. Breaking up with a friend and band member. There’s definitely a bitterness listening back to it, but at its core is the sound of a band completely letting go and having a genuinely cathartic time. We recorded it very late at night and more than a little intoxicated,” says lead singer Will Taylor.

In late September Flyte announced they’d be performing on London’s Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath with 24 hours notice.  300 fans attended (socially distanced) enjoying live music for the first time in months. As a continuation of creating intimate musical moments during lockdown, Flyte announced they’d be playing “Doorstep shows” to unsuspecting fans and have documented their journey on Instagram. You can watch here. Ardent film fans, throughout lockdown the trio also collaborated with Bafta winning director Mark Jenkins (Bait) on the visuals for “Easy Tiger” and “Losing You.” With lockdown their limitation, the band worked with Mark on finding archive footage which would tell the story of both tracks, and interweave romantic heartbreak into the narrative. 
The three secondary school friends from Winchester; Will Taylor, Jon Supran and Nick Hill, are renowned for their complex and rich vocal arrangements and melodies, with lyrics steeped in literary imagery; The Sunday Times calling their acclaimed debut record The Loved Ones “The Best British debut album of the year,” but it was touring in California that recently took hold of their imagination. Inspired by their time in Laurel Canyon, the band recorded their next full-length record in LA, a much-needed new environment to confront the personally challenging subject matter written back home in London, and an opportunity to work with some of their musical heroes.