Florist Shares New Single Off Upcoming Album “Feathers”

Florist have released “Feathers,” the new single from their upcoming self-titled album due July 29th via Double Double Whammy. The track finds the band’s Emily Sprague facing her fears over threads of bowed guitar. “This song is a meditation on the cycles we follow all throughout our lives,” says Emily Sprague. “As individuals, as families, as humans. The motions we go through that stay the same just set in different scenes. The fears and the dreams that sculpt our journey through this experience of life on earth, and our continually shifting perspective along the way.”

The band is hitting the road on a US summer tour that kicks off at Bowery Ballroom in New York on July 30th, and goes through end of August.

Florist feels like the culmination of a decade-long journey, their fourth full-length album, but the first deserving of a self-titled designation. “We called it Florist because this is not just my songs with a backing band,” Sprague explains. “It’s a practice. It’s a collaboration. It’s our one life. These are my best friends and the music is the way that it is because of that.” Florist is also the strongest album of the band’s decade-long career, an immersive work that conveys the magic of the earth and of family, and the whole of the band’s heart. 

Photo Courtesy: Carl Soelther