Floco Torres releases new EP, Again

Floco Torres’ new EP, Again, is out today. You can purchase the EP here.

Floco (pronounced Flock-o) Torres knows a thing or two about starting over. 21 projects deep into his career as a solo recording artist, he has envisioned and revisioned his creative expression countless times and with this adaptive style he has gained a steady following for his hip-hop-meets-alternative rock style.
A New Jersey native, but current resident of Akron, Ohio, balance is key for Floco Torres, striking a blend of deeply emotive lyrics with groove-inducing beats. In 2011 Floco released his first full-length release, Floco’s Modern Life, which was recorded with a full band and funded entirely through Kickstarter. Though met with this early success and an impressive fan following, Floco kept touring a yearly 50-70 shows while creating new material with intensity.
Citing influences such as Kid Cudi, Tame Impala, and St. Vincent, Floco continues to redefine hip-hop with his own personal style. A proficient in smooth flows of stirring and grounded lyrics, Floco appeals to classic rap fans, but bridges genre through the soul rock touches that provide the floor for Floco’s quick-lipped quips to dance upon.
With again, Floco Torres wanted to make a record about the process of renewal, about “the obsession of wanting to be better– for wanting the opportunity to top what you did last time.” again is an EP that explores this never ending quest of artistic and self improvement, combining past successes and failures to move forward into a new future. Floco Torres dares not only to adapt to change, but also engage and challenge the personal influences of such growth.
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