feeble little horse Release New Single From Upcoming Album “Tin Man”

Rising noise pop quartet feeble little horse announce their anticipated new album, Girl with Fishout June 9th via Saddle Creek. The announcement comes with a video for the album’s blistering lead single “Tin Man”. “The song is about people who use sadness to control your actions because they know you will sympathize- oftentimes when these people are investigated there really is not much inside them, they just use emotions to get what they want out of other people. I have my qualms with this sort of person,” Lydia Slocum explains.

Of the song’s recording process, Ryan Walchonski says “‘Tin Man’ is one of the songs that represents a new style of writing for us as a group. This song went back and forth through Google Drive links, trying to come up with the best iteration of the song that we were all happy with; vocals recorded, scrapped and re-recorded, drums scrapped and re-recorded, the chorus at one point was completely different.” Jake Kelley and Sebastian Kinsler add that the “drums are laid back and paying homage to hip hop drums” and “the guitar parts were inspired by ‘Six Shooter’ and ‘Voicemail’ by A Country Western, and ‘Breadcrumb Trail’ by Slint.”

Pittsburgh, PA’s feeble little horse makes thrilling and wildly unpredictable songs that are a reflection of the joys that come with making music with your best friends. The band’s sophomore album was made focusing on intuition over intention: letting the magic of collaboration come first. “Anything that makes us laugh or puts a smile on our faces, we usually end up keeping in the songs,” explains drummer Jake Kelley. Across 11 self-recorded and self-produced tracks, the band careens from blissed-out pop to harsh noise, glitchy programmed drum beats, and off-kilter indie rock—sometimes all in one song. As a follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2021 debut HaydayGirl with Fish, with its overwhelmingly inviting and emotionally resonant tracklist, is a document of four people trusting their instincts and most importantly each other.

Photo Courtesy: Micah E. Wood