Fat Tony & Blockhead Share “I’m Thinking ‘Bout Moving”

From Texas to New York, out now is a new, one-off single from Fat Tony and Blockhead, “I’m Thinking ‘Bout Moving”. The track captures the grievances that many of us feel when living somewhere primarily for convenience, price, or location. Blockhead’s spooky production conjures up what it feels like to live with someone who makes your life hell. Fat Tony’s anecdotal lyrics etch a clear vision of these living situations: a littered living room, dishes in the sink, and the roommate’s strange flirtation toward your partner. 

“‘I’m Thinking ‘Bout Moving’ is a song reflecting on the many homes and apartments I lived in throughout the 2010s and the grievances many of us share when living somewhere, primarily for convenience, price, or location, knowing we dream of a home up to our standards! This one isn’t about a specific living experience but an amalgamation of many annoyances over the years. If you, too, have had too many roommates, several grievances, and a few regrets, holler at me. I’ll be a listening ear. But, really, you should move. You can just save up money and make it happen. Dating someone? Getting serious? Maybe that’s your out. Can’t hurt to start over when change weighs on your mind constantly. I’ve been a longtime Blockhead fan, and we connected last year while I lived in Brooklyn for a few months. He’s a certified producer legend, and I’m honored to rock with him on this song.”