Factor Chandelier Shares “Patience Feat. Eligh,” Announces New Album

Right out of the gates, producer Factor Chandelier announces Time Invested II (Fake Four Inc.), his new release which features his signature production as well as a wide array of guest appearances from track to track. Time Invested II marks the follow-up to Factor’s 2002 solo debut, Time Invested, a deep dive with a number of artist collaborations, many of which he’s continued to work with over the past couple of decades like Living Legends’ Sunspot Jonz, Kay The Aquanaut, Paranoid Castle, Eligh, and others.

Today Factor Chandelier delivers “Patience,” which features the previously mentioned Living Legends’ Eligh. Here we witness the evolution of artistry from both artists, comparably speaking, from one release to the other. With “Patience,” Factor delivers the perfect airy backdrop to Eligh’s free-flowing quick-tongued rhymes.

Time Invested II follows the same path as its predecessor, filling the album 16 tracks and this time around we find guest appearances like AWOL One, Ceschi and Evil Ebenezer, Myka 9, Def3, Open Mike Eagle, and many more.