Espanola Shares Single "A Lesson"

Off of the forthcoming self-titled album- dropping June 28 – Hamilton, Ontario act Espanola, shares the new single “A Lesson.”

If this has you scratching your head, you’re probably not alone as the new album is the debut full-length release by Aaron Goldstein who records and performs under the Espanola moniker. “A Lesson” gives listeners and indie rock fans a balls-to-the-walls assault moving full-throttle leaving tattered remnants of melody in shreds.

According to Goldstein, “My new track was written fairly fast and simple. I had just moved to Hamilton, ON, and was introduced to all sorts of new ideas about the world and my place in it.”  He also adds that it’s “Complete with handclaps, a guitar solo, and the warm embrace of Atheism.” Get ready to rock.