Erin Rae Shares New Single “Cosmic Sigh”

Cosmic country singer-songwriter Erin Rae releases her fourth single “Cosmic Sigh,” a cinematic pop swirl about making steady, hopeful change – off of her highly anticipated album Lighten Up, set for release on February 4 via Thirty Tigers. The anticipated new album was produced by neo-psychedelic Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty) and features guests including Kevin Morby and Hand Habits.

The single is a  lush swirl of cinematic strings and pop production, shaping this would-be contemplative number into a rush of clear-eyed optimism, the perfect soundtrack for entering into a new year. Indeed it has the soundscape of a black-and-white film turning into color, in which a protagonist steps out on her own, damning the nay-sayers and sticking to her guns. 

Erin Rae says of the creation of the song, “For me, ‘Cosmic Sigh’ is telling the story of the turning point in healing, in which you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or hope that a new way of living is starting to feel more comfortable; that life is expanding. Something I have learned many times now is that when things start to change, even for the better, it can be intimidating and uncomfortable. The familiar ways of operating, though harmful or painful, can try and draw you back in for a few rounds. Two steps forward, one step back. “Cosmic Sigh” is about the fortitude within; the commitment to have faith in the unknown, and stay the course the intuition is hinting at, and eventually, hopefully, trusting oneself.”

Erin Rae’s Lighten Up will be released on Feb 4, 2022 on Thirty Tigers, to pre-order please visit: