English Rapper Ty Shares New Track " Eyes Open ft Rootz & Deborah Jordan," Announces Album

On March 2nd 2018, the real mayor of Brixton, AKA acclaimed and respected rapper/producer Ty returns with 5th long-player A Work Of Heart. Produced predominantly and written by Ty, this hip-hop classic is a proper artist album that elevates the genre in an ambitiously artistic manner, akin to Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. The crisp and bouncy audiophile production is suffused with evocative, flavor-filled samples, live instrumentation and a heady, groovy atmosphere, whilst clever but accessible, vivid and entertaining lyrics are delivered with a grown-man hip hop finesse and honest, bullshit-free directness. With wit, subtlety, and humor Ty tackles subject matter ranging from Brixton, depression, poverty, racism, family, hip-hop and the creative process, to philosophical musings on life and even imagined film soundtracks.
Today our hip-hop hero shares the track “Eyes Open ft Rootz & Debora Jordan,” a bouncy, quick-tongued track which is a refreshing reprieve from the current stock of music released.

Ty isn’t a new flash in the pan. He’s been performing and recording since before his debut 2001 full-length release Awkward (Big Dada), a light affair filled with hypnotic tracks.
A Work Of Heart Tracklist: 

  1. ‘WorKINGTro’
  2. ‘Eyes Open’
  3. ‘Somehow Somewhere Someway’
  4. ‘Brixton Baby’
  5. ‘Work Of Heart’
  6. ‘Marathon’
  7. ‘No Place To Run’
  8. ‘You Gave Me’
  9. ‘Harpers Revenge’
  10. ‘Folks Say People Say’
  11. ‘World Of Flaws’
  12. ‘Raindrops’
  13. ‘The Raspberry’
  14. ‘As The Smoke Clears’