Endearments Shares Latest Single Off Upcoming EP “Ocean”

It had been over a decade since Brooklyn songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Marksoon wrote anything dedicated for his own.  Starting his project Endearments, this venture fully allows the musician to push himself to various degrees emotionally. 

Endearments debut EP, Father of Wands demonstrates Marksson’s willingness to explore darker and richer themes by chronicling the end of his marriage in 2019.  With producer Ariel Loh (Yoke Lore, Plastic Picnic, Drinker) guiding him, Marksson incorporated his signature dream-pop influences with synth, post-punk, and bass. 

Endearments recently dropped “Ocean,” a track that is bold and unrestrained; explosive drums, heavy guitar riffs, and Marksson’s driving delivery compliment each other beautifully.

“I wanted to associate a tarot card with each of the songs on the new EP and the one I chose for ‘Ocean’ is The Moon. It’s a card that represents instability and hidden things. On the surface, ‘Ocean’ is a song about watching someone you love fall for someone else, but when you dig deeper, it’s really a song about being trapped in the pull that someone exerts on you—and drowning in it,” Marksson says.

Father of Wands is slated to drop November 5. Pre-order the EP here.

Photo: Rita Iovine