Ellie Dixon Shares New Single “Big Lizard Energy”

UK’s Ellie Dixon has released her new single “Big Lizard Energy” via Decca Records. Injected with her synonymous dash of wit, the new track echoes the singer’s anxieties and explains how to overcome them like all 24-year-olds should: by becoming bigger than your problems and imagining you’re a gigantic extinct reptile! 

Coming with a shadow puppets-inspired lyric video crafted with five of her fans, “Big Lizard Energy” is another demonstration of the Cambridge-born’s talent to play with words and items from her everyday life, culminating in an intelligent brand of indie-pop. Speaking about the track, Ellie says: “‘Big Lizard Energy’ is the musical embodiment of a parody disaster movie all about gaining perspective on the stresses around you. As an anxious person I’ve always found myself blowing problems out of proportion so during a time I was particularly struggling with this, I wanted to write a song that did the opposite – blew ME out of proportion.

I imagined I was a giant lizard towering over a city and suddenly I felt a lot better (‘Not so scared when I’m 320ft’). It’s a tongue-in-cheek look into the overthinking mind and how panic can escalate quickly (“Hit the red alert when it’s just a bit of caution”) but how we can control our response to the things that panic us. It’s a reminder to take a breather and remember that we are much bigger than the negative parts of our lives.”

Photo Courtesy: Jessie Morgan