Elijah Wolf Shares “At Times / At Night” feat Photay, Josh Jaeger

Brooklyn-based artist Elijah Wolf released a new single “At Times / At Night,” which is the third track to be taken from his forthcoming album Brighter Lighting (Trash Casual Records) set to drop February 26, 2021. The track features contributions from Photay, Josh Jaeger (drummer for Angel Olsen & Fleet Foxes), and Sam Cohen, who produced the album.

“‘At Times / At Night’ is a song about simply sitting still to observe the world around you, in a life that can move so fast,” explains Elijah. “I wrote it one Sunday afternoon while watching a rainstorm through my window. It was a rare moment where everything felt still, & I felt completely present in my life. I wrote this song as a reminder to always take the time to be still, & to look around & observe.” 

“After the first album sessions with Sam Cohen, I left for a month-long tour with my dear friend Photay. Throughout those 4 weeks, we had the chance to listen to the rough mixes & early studio versions on long drives through the different epic landscapes of the US & Canada. When we got home, we went straight back into the studio to finish up. This one features Photay on Buchla Synthesizer.”