Eddie Negrete Shares New Single “Been Weeks”

Eddie Negrete is a twenty-two-year-old Bay Area native vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He started his musical journey at 15 with the drums, igniting his passion for music and driving him to pursue a career in the industry. From there, he taught himself to play the piano and guitar, and developed his skills in music production, giving him a unique advantage in the industry. After studying music production under renowned music industry professionals at Icon Collective, Eddie is now based in Los Angeles where he has played live shows at venues such as The Mint, Adults Only, and The Moroccan Lounge.

Negrete’s debut single, “Been Weeks,” introduces the dance music scene to his unique fusion of antipop, house, and indie dance which defies the boundaries of genre. Featuring introspective lyrics that reflect Negrete’s personal experience of moving on from a toxic relationship, the song is a mesmerizing blend of ethereal instrumentation and haunting vocals.

“Been Weeks” delivers an emotionally charged display of heartbreak that follows the protagonist as he deals with the aftermath of a toxic relationship. The illustrative lyrics paint a vivid picture of a man spiraling out of control in the absence of his former partner, despite knowing the relationship was unhealthy. As the song progresses, Negrete’s vocals exhibit his desperation and hopelessness, creating a sense of defeat. His emotive voice seamlessly expresses the feelings of loss and resignation, with intimate lead vocals, airy adlibs, and smooth harmonies.

Carefully constructed and grounded in its production, “Been Weeks” is a masterfully crafted soundscape that elevates the heart-wrenching emotion behind the lyrics. Leveraging his years of experience in music production, Negrete was able to create an immersive listening experience for his audience. He says “My goal is to translate the feeling of struggling to overcome a failed relationship into a sonic landscape that transcends words.” The track features long reverbs, rich finger-picked electric guitars, and wide celestial vocal layers that add to the song’s ambient and ethereal aura, engulfing listeners in a captivating atmosphere. A pulsating rhythm provided by a syncopated bass line, crisp claps, and a steady kick propels the song forward and creates a sense of momentum. Catchy vocal chops are draped over lush synths adding depth and texture to the dynamic song, pulling listeners into the danceable drop. “Been Weeks” showcases Negrete’s impressive talents as a multifaceted producer, singer, and songwriter, and positions Negrete as a visionary artist who is breaking new ground in the indie dance genre.