Dr. Compressor releases Doctor's Orders

For those times when chill, background music is required, look no further than Dr. Compressor, the Swiss producer who is cleverly molding his own brand of abstract, instrumental hip-hop. Oddly enough, Dr. Compressor (real name Yvan Gessler) was diagnosed with a curious virus in 2002 that produced a permanent acouphene, or ringing noise, in his left ear. After lots of experimentation, he found the ringing improves when music is playing. A producer was born.
With influences like Portishead and similarity to the beats found on Deltron 3030 or some other sci-fi informed albums, Dr. Compressor prefers to let the music speak for itself. He doesn’t name his tracks, he simply assigns them a numeral. He uses a lot of samplers with granular synthesis abilities, which gives a particular color to his sound, as well as the use of emulations of vintage processors like EQs, compressors, tape saturation, tube amplifiers, and more.
“This is why I can say I’m not proud of my music, and I suck as a composer, but I’m proud of my sound,” Gessler says in a press release. “I think I finally also created that perfect organic sound, but using just a computer, and that’s the point of the stuff I do, and distracting my ears.”
Check out Dr. Compressor’s new album, Doctor’s Orders, on his Soundcloud page below: