Dorothy Shares “What’s Coming To Me”

Dorothy has returned with her powerful, soul-baring new single — “What’s Coming To Me”. The swampy blues canticle recounts her time spent away since her lauded last record, during which she re-evaluated herself and found strength in her rock n’ roll roots. The soulful revelation sung through Dorothy’s momentous voice, “Is a story about casting out a demon and getting redeemed — a metaphor for depression or addiction,” she reveals. “I think it’s something we can all relate to. Everyone’s struggling with something”.

Directed by frequent Smashing Pumpkins collaborator and visual artist, Linda Strawberry, the bold video for “What’s Coming To Me” features spiritual iconography, striking costumes and a full-on exorcism — a moving depiction that foreshadows a new and defiant era for the songstress.