Doe Paoro Shares “Universe Promises”

LA-based singer-songwriter Doe Paoro is revered for crafting her own unique elixir of pop, R&B, and soul. The critically acclaimed artist has released a new single “Universe Promises,” combining her irresistible pop-sensibility with her sensational spiritual vision.

Coming from a family of healers, Doe has always experienced music as a healing path. She studied in Peru and India with different lineages that use music as a form of medicine. In the last few years, she has facilitated sound baths all over the world and also leads to shamanic ceremonies with music and yoga retreats. “Universe Promises” is a hopeful message shaped by this work, speaking to a greater trust in the universe to deliver goodness for all of us. This is something Doe has seen over and over in her shamanic work — a spin on and transmission of the ancient wisdom of “this too shall pass.”
Though the song was written with Ethan Gruska in July of 2019, the sentiment is universally relevant today. Doe shares, “When we wrote this song, a lot of structures in my life were falling apart, and for the first time ever, I wasn’t resisting any of it. I felt this genuine trust and curiosity about whatever was coming next. I remember listening to the demo in my car a few days after and just tearing up in gratitude for my own resilience, that I could contain so much hope amidst so much loss. I really do believe in a benevolent universe and that even destruction is a creative act. Now, more than ever, I need this song to remember this message.”