DJUNAH Shares "Bless Your Money"

Punk’s not dead, and neither is post-punk for that matter. Enter: Djunah, the two-piece from Chicago that’s set to release its debut album Ex Voto (Triple Eye Industries) on November 1st. Today the band shares the final single ahead of the release entitled “Bless Your Money.”

The forthcoming album was produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou (+ mastered by Bob Weston.) The band, made up of guitarist Donna Diane (ex-frontwoman of Beat Drun Juel) and drummer Nick Smalkowski aim their venom at capitalism here with sheer fury, channeling all that rage through their instruments.

Of the new single, Donna notes “’Bless Your Money’ is a good example of how amazing it was to work with Kurt [Ballou]. His instincts are incredible. I normally don’t like many effects on my vocals, but in this song he went wild with the delay and was 100% right. By the end, I sound huge! Unlike most of the other songs on the album, there’s no metaphor or conceit to the lyrics. It’s just a straight-up fuck you to the ultra-rich for their exploitation guns, religion, and nationalism as a means of preserving their wealth and status. The media still acts like it’s a mystery what’s raising the ultra-right. It’s no mystery. It’s fucking billionaires.”