Disq Shares “If Only”

Disq shares the new single, “If Only,” from Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet (Saddle-Creek), their new album out October 7th, 2022. “I would rewind and fix it all, but if I had the chance to // I I’d probably still hurt you, and you me,” songwriter Isaac deBroux-Slone confesses on “If Only” before unleashing a cathartic scream atop skittering guitars.
This is a song to listen to when you’re confused about somebody’s intent in a relationship,” says deBroux-Slone. “It started as a sort of ‘British invasion’ vibe but I wanted to take it in a more interesting direction. The feeling of the song is longing and I thought some of the wistful chords and moods from the plethora of ‘90s and 2000’s indie I’d been listening to at the time would fit just right, so I pulled those influences in. The band and I fleshed it out into something close to its current state after I had the initial idea in the Summer of 2020 but something was still missing… It felt ‘boring’ to me so I had my friend Matthew Sanborn come over and help me figure out some new chords to insert into the middle of the song. I added the synth guitar solo over it all and what we now internally refer to as the ‘freak out’ section was born. We attempted to inject as many nostalgic moments and sonic sighs into ‘If Only’ as we could. Hopefully the results tug on your heartstrings.