Dhruv Shares New Single ”Blur”

Rising artist and multi-instrumentalist Dhruv has released a new single, “Blur.”  While he has become known for penning R&B-leaning tracks, with “Blur” his love of pop music shines through as an influence on the earworm of a track.  He recorded the song in Los Angeles with producer/writer Dan Farber.

Dhruv shares, “To be honest, I never imagined I’d make a song someone could dance to. Sonically, I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and play around with a different palette of sounds. My first EP was made very intimately and is quite lo-fi. Working on something as grand and lush as ‘Blur’ was a challenge, but really rewarding.” 

Dhruv continues, “‘Blur’ is about the initial high of falling for someone new and those surreal moments where life begins to feel like a dream.”