Death Valley Girls Share Single “I Am A Wave”

Death Valley Girls, LA’s finest purveyors of otherworldly rock n roll, have left little time between their 2023 LP Islands in the Sky and their rollicking new single, “I Am a Wave.” The band, which consists of Bonnie Bloomgarden (vocals, organ, Wurlitzer), Larry Schemel (guitar), Sarah Linton (bass), and Rikki Styxx (drums), builds off the strength of their critically acclaimed new project while introducing exciting new sonic terrain. Blending prog, shoegaze, pop, and psych-rock elements, the group lands thrillingly in its own world.

Bloomgarden’s vocals push up against walls of guitar, crashing and cascading drums, and a sturdy bassline. The group’s layered voices give the song a haunted effect, with bold harmonies coming from every direction. Though the vocals are outstanding, Larry Schemel’s various roles as lead guitarist give the song its signature bite. From his Western-inspired introduction melody to a face-melting solo, his versatility is the track’s secret weapon. On the final chorus, all of these dueling parts come together for an ecstatic finale, accented by a perfectly placed tambourine. At just two-and-a-half minutes, “I Am a Wave” takes on the meaning of its title. It crashes out of speakers, lifting listeners to rock and roll heaven and returning them home before they know what happened.