Dead Swells Share “Out Of The Window,” Announce New Album

Charleston-based indie rock band Dead Swells announced their debut S/T album, releasing the lead single “Out of the Window”. The track is a groovy, synth-heavy love song, about how a lover can help you throw your insecurities out of the window. The first half is filled with that sentiment and idyllic “lovey doveyness,” but halfway through, the tone shifts. That carefree, in-love vibe changes to something darker. The music mirrors the swirling insecurities that can occur in relationships, that looming feeling that whenever things are going well, there is always something around the corner to change everything. Dead Swells (Artist Formula Record Group) debut album is due out August 7th.

A product of years of tireless work, the upcoming record was produced solely by Paul Nederostek (vocals, guitar, keys) and co-producer Wolfgang Zimmerman, whom Nederostek credits for being his “guru and life coach.” Speaking to the frontman’s endless pursuit of perfection, the album’s overarching theme is a chase for that “good feeling,” a journey of a person always looking for a solid flow of dopamine. The lyrics follow Nederostek’s path to self-discovery. “I feel like I’m just now waking up into a more confident me, “ he says, crediting this change partly to psychedelics. Nederostek recorded everything on the album except drums and mixed it entirely himself, a choice that, while daunting, felt truest to the music. “In the end, at least it’s the most honest me that’s being put through the speakers and not someone else’s take on what it should sound like.”