dälek Shares “Boycott”

Off the heels of dälek’s “Decimation (Dis Nation,” the noisy avant-garde Hip-Hop group – comprised of Will Brooks, aka emcee dälek, and Mike Manteca (Mike Mare) – delivers its new single “Boycott.” The track is off the recently announced album Precipice (Ipecac Recordings), set for release on April 29, 2022. The group’s song is a reflection of agony and rage. dälek offers:

“BOYCOTT is the amalgamation of all of our elements. Cooked like they’re supposed to be. This song is my chest ripped open. It is about the pain in our communities. It is also about our strength and our inherent worth.” – MC dälek

“Precipice was a completely different record pre-pandemic,” Brooks explains. “We had been working on the sketch of what the album was going to be at the end of 2019. I think me and (Mike) Manteca had narrowed it down to 17 joints out of the 46 or so that we had started with. Me and Joshua Booth had taken the 17 and really fleshed out the joints. The idea was to bounce them back to Mike and then arrange write lyrics. 2020 obviously had different plans for everybody. We basically put everything on hold. I ended up doing the MEDITATIONS series that year on my own. I think the catharsis of that projects, its rawness, the pandemic, all the death, the social upheaval, everything that went down… when I went back and listened to what we had down… it just wasn’t right anymore, it wasn’t strong enough, it wasn’t heavy enough, it wasn’t angry enough. It just didn’t say what I needed it to say.”