Creature – The Chester Himes EP

Readers of Ghetto Blaster Magazine will know that Creature is not a new comer to the hustle. The grind is Creatures’ ethos and it is no surprise that he summons the name of Chester Himes for his EP title. Chester Himes was a man who amidst an extreme amount of adversity and prejudice never gave in to his grind. Listening to this project in the last few days has been hitting me like bricks from the temple of hip hop. Creature takes command of the pulpit to give us his sermon of hip hop gospel! Don’t be fooled though he’s not here to be a savior – he’s here to make it clear…people we need to get off of that bullshit!!! His latest offering an EP alongside beat smith, Prefuse 73, is a testament that we can still Embrace the Day. The duo, complement each other impressively. Prefuse’s malleable production sets an ominous aura that Creature regulates throughout the 5 track mini opus. Creature’s subject matter is raw – no chaser. While 85% of hip hop today consists of materialistic, disingenuous jargon Creature bridges the gap with the truths of a seasoned lyricist. If you’re looking for shortcuts in hip hop keep it moving, cause’ Creature takes no shorts in crafting and showcasing his skills as an MC.