contradash Shares “favorite color”

contradash shares the video for his latest single “favorite color,” out now on Interscope Records.

contradash has also revealed the release date for his debut mixtape ALL-STAR, out Dec. 11.

‘I didn’t want to put anything out until I felt like I was an all-star,’ contradash explained in a recent intervew. “I grew up playing sports and if you’re a well-rounded enough player, there’s always an all-star team. I remember feeling like a celebrity when I made the all-star team in fifth grade. Even though the status was imaginary, that was the fuel for this project.” 

ALL-STAR is the culmination of a breakthrough year for contradash, who signed with Interscope Records after the release of his song “blocked” catapulted him from 250 monthly Spotify listeners to 250,000.