Communions Share Single “Learn To Pray”

Copenhagen-based Communions will release their sophomore album Pure Fabrication next Friday, April 23 on Tambourhinoceros (Iceage, Hooray For Earth). A reverse coming of age story of Odyssian size and scope, the collection tackles themes of change, instability, freedom, love and identity. New album cut “Learn To Pray” tells a story of cultural disintegration at the hands of narcissism, wealth and fame. The song offers a snapshot from the middle of the album, where the story’s protagonist undergoes a jaded and cynical battle with identity. 
Lead singer Martin Rehof explains: “While Pure Fabrication gives a thematic portrayal of certain forces that allow one to freely fabricate one’s life, whether it be forces of love, independence, or freedom, “‘Learn To Pray’ deals rather with being tied to the fabric of the social world. Pertaining to this, it portrays a communal lapse into cultural decline.” 

Most well-known for their amps-blaring, drumhead-smashing punk flavored pop-rock, “Learn to Pray” also marks a new stylistic direction for Communions. With slow, steady broomstick-played drums and a repetitive, slightly jazzy bass line, it is a more restrained showing than their previous singles from the album. But “Learn to Pray” also gains its power from its restraint, leaving space for Rehof’s sinister, stream-of-consciousness lyrics.
The narrative arc of Communions’ reverse-coming-of-age album concept promises that what begins as naive and free on Pure Fabrication will not end that way.

Photo Courtesy: Lasse Dearman