CMAT Announces New Album, Shares Single “No More Virgos”

CMAT has announced the February 25 release of her debut album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, via AWAL Recordings. She has also shared an instantly glorious new single, “No More Virgos.” On the pulsing track the Dublin cowgirl again showcases her songwriting prowess and lyrical ingenuity – marrying, as she puts it, “my love of 80’s Italo disco with my hatred of Virgos.”

Of “No More Virgos” CMAT says; “I’m the kind of girl who dates the same person over and over again. Specifically, every single one of my partners have been Virgos. I wanted to write a song that pokes fun at this aspect of my personality, and try to be a voice for all of my long-suffering friends. I just can’t help myself from making terrible decisions sometimes! Sorry!”

Add in millions of streams, widespread radio support and a rapidly swelling fanbase following 2021’s support slot with Declan McKenna, and the Dublin cowgirl is standing on the precipice of something rather big as she unveils If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, that’s as accomplished as it is unique. Few artists manage to blend bountiful hooks with such humor and wit; the 12 songs that make up the idiosyncratic, captivating and rather extraordinary LP reveals an artist brimming with confidence and verve. “Lyrically, I kind of wanted it to be like if XTC was writing for The Nolans,” she says, “and then I wanted it to sound like The Nolans were making that record with Glen Campbell, which would go on to be covered by Paris Hilton. The goal was to make songs I wished already existed, and then to make those songs all about me and my emotional problems.”

Photo Courtesy: Sarah Doyle