Chilean Rapper ÁMBAR LUNA Shares “Solsticio” Featuring NFX

Following the successful release of the single “No Verán” ft. Aura BaeÁmbar Luna releases her second single titled “Solsticio” with Matías Moena Báez, known artistically as NFX. On this track, the musicians fused the best of rap and trap, giving listeners a profound glimpse at societal expectations.

In order to become stronger and vent her frustrations, Ambar Luna wrote this song at the age of 16 while going through a time of need and unease. This period of darkness was due to the damage that people can experience on social media and how we tend to idealize other people on those platforms.

“[Matías and I] wanted to convey our true essence. One might say the song is self-referential and biographical,” Ámbar explained.

With “Solsticio,” the rapper stands out for her great ability to drop bars as if breathing were unnecessary, and the rhythmic colors blend perfectly with NFX’s rhymes. This collaboration arose spontaneously while Ámbar was sharing the recording studio with her limitless mentor, as she calls him. Matías asked her if he could add his vocal to the song, which thrilled the artist. After a day of hard work composing, the final version of the song was born. Under the production of Sheng 33, who was tasked with giving the song its harmony and rhythm, the video that accompanies the release is intimate because it had been filmed in just one take to give it the feeling that the lyrics and rhythm require.